Three Lakes Winter I H.T. at Caudle Ranch(Feb 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Adams, EugeniaDesigner FernhillOTAccepted
Alvaro, NovileeCleopatra`s ReinBNRAccepted
Archer, MoniqueCamross DiamondOTAccepted
Bader, MarthaRuby Falls RomeoBNRAccepted
Baker, AlexisPhoenix AttackONAccepted
Banks, AnnaPRIMROSE BMDTRAccepted - Incomplete
Barclay, WilliamCooley CamelotOBNAccepted
Barclay, WilliamStormn Hudson KDONAccepted
BeGole, TanyaWivollets CarnivalONAccepted
Berry, DianeGoode HopeNRPending
Borton, AddisonConway LadBNRAccepted
Bradley, ShelbyMaximillionONAccepted - Incomplete
Brandt, HannahPhilosophicalONAccepted - Incomplete
Briot, AlineDivine LegacyNRAccepted - Incomplete
Byars, IselinHH GoldfinchBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Carani, MeadowThe AlchemistNRAccepted - Incomplete
Carroll, AislingMelt ProofONAccepted - Incomplete
Carter, MadisonHella FamousNRAccepted
Catlett, Mary CookeCooley RomanceONAccepted
Clark, MacyIsland VibesOBNAccepted
Comer, JaelynLoughnatousa Yours TrulyNRAccepted
Crowell, CarsonNewtown BayleyOMAccepted - Incomplete
Crutchfield, MattIndepender J W BONAccepted - Incomplete
Damp, KellyZephyrONAccepted
Du Celliee Muller, AlexandraHH ZephyrONAccepted
Du Celliee Muller, AlexandraPink RCONAccepted
Duffy, FraserFernhill LarcoOTAccepted - Incomplete
Duffy, FraserFernhill NicoOTAccepted - Incomplete
Duffy, FraserPremier FernhillOPAccepted - Incomplete
Dunkerton, SarahOld Man MoelIPAccepted
Dutton, OliviaUndaunted RagsONAccepted
Dyer, AudreaAvengerOMAccepted
Eardley, OndineFernhill OptimistONAccepted
Emerson, KatieIt's Gonna Bee MeNRAccepted
Fairchild, LeeBustics BusterPRAccepted - Incomplete
Falica, ChloeJuniper's TwilightNRAccepted
Fanello, JuliaFE Prince of DarknessOMAccepted
Fergusson, Lisa MariePowerballOTAccepted - Incomplete
Fergusson, Lisa MarieRatheoin Quality ImpOTAccepted - Incomplete
Fergusson, Lisa MarieTrinity ThankQOTAccepted - Incomplete
Fiorita, CocoOskarBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Fitzgerald, KathleenGlobal PixieNRAccepted
Foltz, AbbyAbsolute ZeroTRAccepted
Fredericks, ClaytonFE Mustang SallyOTAccepted - Incomplete
Fredericks, ClaytonFE ThunderstruckOTAccepted - Incomplete
Gamboa, JavierLegend Has ItONAccepted
Gamboa, SamanthaValentinoBNRAccepted
Glazier, MadelynVC Haston Maupertuis FEHOBNAccepted - IncompleteUSEA/USEF Entry Agreement 2023: Missing
USEA/USEF Waiver 2023: Missing
Goodman, StephaniePaulank Impish KingONAccepted - Incomplete
Goodman, StephanieBenchmark's Gone WestONAccepted - Incomplete
Gore, NataleannEffervescentTRAccepted
Grandia-Dodson, AnniHSH Bold DecisionOPAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraFernhill Limited EditionOPAccepted - Incomplete
Green Kerby, AlexandraSorrano BONAccepted
Greene, AshleyHSH PhoenixOMAccepted - Incomplete
Gutierrez, PedroGenie D'AuvilleONAccepted
Hagen, AinsleyArdeo Red RoverOTAccepted - Incomplete
Hagen, AinsleyRisque SOMAccepted - Incomplete
Harbison, GunnarRH FinneganONAccepted - Incomplete
Heupel, AmaliaShruffane Rambler IIBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Hoff, LizzieHSH Limited EditionPRAccepted
Hollberg, Hannah SueHot ShotOBNAccepted
Hulse, IsabellaLimitlessNRAccepted
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieFifty K HOCONAccepted - Incomplete
Jarnstrom-Dennis, JennieFinnigan OBNAccepted - Incomplete
Jones, AlisonJack of All TradesTRAccepted - Incomplete
Joyal, EmmaChilly Bon BonBNRAccepted
Joyal, KarenGo Gidget GoBNRAccepted
Kelson, SaraHanslough DiamondOMAccepted - Incomplete
Kelson, SaraRhonaldoOTAccepted - Incomplete
Kendall, EmmaRaise the BountyONAccepted - Incomplete
Khorsandian, LeahShe's All HartOBNAccepted
Kjellstrom, AnnaSportsfield CoolKennyONAccepted - Incomplete
Knopp, BrooklynIt's A Big DealNRAccepted
Kolman, ChelseaRebeloutionONAccepted - Incomplete
Lambert, Lauren50 Shades of EnvyOMAccepted - Incomplete
Lane, ElizaNo HesitationBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Lehari, KendalLicense to ChillONAccepted - Incomplete
Lesny, SierraSebastianTRAccepted - Incomplete
Lockhart, ChristinaI'malreadythereOMAccepted
Long, MadelynBaila MorenaOBNAccepted
Lorusso-Smith, CassandraOldcourt Grafen DanceTRAccepted
Low, WendyMr. SteveNRAccepted
Macau, ReeseJudge PuttnamNRAccepted - Incomplete
Macauley, EmilyShaktiTRAccepted
Maher, LeeCon Able RFBONAccepted
Maher, LeeHillside HSH LarueONAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH ExplosionOMAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH Tolan KingOMAccepted - Incomplete
Maher, LeeKir Royal SK ZOTAccepted
Maher, LeeRedfield LaveiOTAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH KodiakONAccepted
Maher, LeeHSH Best Kept SecretOTAccepted
Main, SarahBenjamin JamesONAccepted - Incomplete
Maliff, EmmaMartini RidgeNRAccepted
Maroko, KatherineRosie's Little Miss LibertyTRAccepted
Matheson, GillianImagine ThatOMAccepted
Maytham, HeatherKatherine StephanieOTAccepted - Incomplete
McLoone, AshlieKismets VictoryBNRAccepted
Meyer, JoeBallygriffin Crossfield CaraOTAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeChilli DawnOPAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeFernhill IntrigueOTAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeGold de RiverlandOTAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeEl PlatanitoOPAccepted - Incomplete
Meyer, JoeHarbinOPAccepted - Incomplete
Miller, OliviaCommonwealth ChromeONAccepted
Miller, OliviaCooley StarstruckPRAccepted
Mindrebo, MorganCastletown RoyaleOBNAccepted
Morauw, BernardVC QUESTERAONAccepted
Mumme, KristenDarby RoseNRAccepted - Incomplete
Muramatsu, MasaeFlatworkBNRAccepted
Nair, NicoleJack RunNRAccepted
Nesbit, KatieEnter StanmanBNRAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenJakimbaONAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenLandmark's Jungle's GoldOPAccepted
Nicholson, LaurenZiggy StardustOMAccepted - Incomplete
Nicholson, LaurenButt's Aria WOTAccepted
Niehues, ChristyI'm Your HuckleberryOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelCooley Black HawkOTAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelJaliscaOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Nolan, MichaelCool MacallanONAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanCarlingford RockabillyONAccepted - Incomplete
O'Donoghue, MeghanGlobal ErosONAccepted - Incomplete
O'Hanlon, SelenaRehy InvestorOTAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaDonail BalladeerOTAccepted
O'Hanlon, SelenaMaster ChanceOMAccepted
O'Neal, AlexanderKuoni HDHOTAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderMasked MandateONAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderMilky Bar OSOTAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderO-K JaxxOTAccepted - Incomplete
O'Neal, AlexanderHillside LeonardoONAccepted
O'Neal, StephanieMochaspiceNRAccepted
O'Rourke, BridgetSomething To Talk AboutTRAccepted
Osley, KristinKing of BeerTRAccepted
Patsko, LucyInANewYorkMinuteONAccepted
Peinado, ScarlettSecond AmendmentTRAccepted
Platt, DanielleSea RockONAccepted - Incomplete
Pournelle, CatherineCooley On A QuestOTAccepted
Ragusa, GregLone Star WSNRAccepted
Ransehousen, MissyMosstown RebelONAccepted - Incomplete
Rawson, CindyTruly StellarONAccepted
Roach, ElisabethSunday's BestBNRAccepted - Incomplete
Roby, CristinFernhill Maxi TwistOBNAccepted
Roby, CristinRockmillsOBNAccepted
Rosen, KatyBenevolenceNRAccepted - Incomplete
Ruud, ChantilMGH HeartbeatPRAccepted
Sabot, NadiaNeverquitdreamingPRAccepted - Incomplete
Saenz, CamilaGreystone LadTRAccepted
Schneider, JessicaPeter PanONAccepted - Incomplete
Schuitema, KirstenOne Sly FoxIPAccepted
Seltser, BrieParis In ColorOBNAccepted - Incomplete
Servais, KateCathedroPRAccepted
Shirley, ElizabethIn Your DreamsBNRAccepted
Smith, KendalArdeo UploadPRAccepted
Spore, TarynDauntless CourageOMAccepted
Steinbuch, KimberlyKosmo KOPAccepted
Strote, MimEngland CallingNRAccepted - Incomplete50.00
Symansky, LynnChesterland's JuiceONAccepted
Thomas, JeanNasphar ONAccepted
Thomas, JeanMerlins Redfield HSHOTAccepted
Thomas, JeanRaban SONAccepted
Thompson, AllisonKaceyOBNAccepted
Tilchin, AmandaMy Nana AnnaTRAccepted - Incomplete
Trier, AshleyMagic CarpetOBNAccepted
Tucker, NickyPandoraBNRAccepted
Tuit, EmmaPS Duty CallsTRAccepted
Wages, ErinMorrisonOTAccepted
Ward III, WilliamArdeo Wicklow MountainONAccepted - Incomplete
Watko, StephanieIn Total EleganceOMAccepted - Incomplete
Wegerich, EllaVC Herm├Ęs du LandranONAccepted
Welsch, PennyMr. PoppersNRAccepted
Whitehead, CarsonEleanor RigbyNRAccepted
Wilson, KristaStellaNRAccepted - Incomplete
Wilson, TeahJunior MintTRAccepted

Division Entries
BNRBeginner Novice Rider16
NRNovice Rider22
OBNOpen Beginner Novice15
OMOpen Modified15
ONOpen Novice46
OPOpen Preliminary8
OTOpen Training28
PRPreliminary Rider7
TRTraining Rider15